Recent Projects


The Beck Residence addition

Magee CabinetsThis project is now complete.

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The Lene Residence addition

Lene ResidenceThe Lene family is quickly outgrowing their modest home of 1000sqft, as the family is expected to expand by two. So this means they were in the market for some sizable upgrades. The Lene's had dreamed of what kind of home they would want to raise their children in, and the Kingstone Company LLC has made that dream a reality. After meeting and discussing options they decided it was best to move ahead with an addition and remodel for their current living space. This project has finished the conceptual design phase and a cost analysis.


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The Campbell Residence


The Campbell's are a young professional couple living in the Anchorage area. They recently had the opportunity to purchase the last remaining lot in a prestigious anchorage suburb. They contacted the Kingstone Company LLC with a very unique situation. The lot they had purchased was a sizable one, but long and narrow. In addition, all the homes in the subdivision are on pilings due to several feet of peat moss. The Campbell's were partial to the farmhouse style but weren't sure on how to configure their dream home on the existing lot dimensions. This is where the Kingstone company LLC came in. After the initial sit down meeting with the Campbell's, the Lead designer began the design process. The Completed Home above is the result of that initial meeting...


"I can't believe it! Its like you read our minds, its exactly what we want!"

-Mrs. Campbell at the second meeting.


The construction documents have been approved by the city of Anchorage municipal department, and now the construction has started! This project is now under construction with a estimated move-in date of May 2014

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Hometown Square

Magee Cabinets

The Kingstone Company LLC also provides architectural services for light commercial projects as well. This project is a total renovation to an existing concrete building built back in 1954. One of the first stores in the town of Delta Junction, this shopping center was originally called Deihl's shopping center after the proprietors. It was recently purchased by the owner of the local grocery store. The building itself was in serious disrepair and in need of substantial structural and cosmetic alterations. In order to move ahead with the renovations, first, a set of approved construction documents would need to be produces. Since this is a commercial building the state fire inspector would have to approve certain aspects of the building. This is where the Kingstone Company LLC came in. We designed a code compliant building, while addressing and meeting all the owners needs and wants. The new building boasts all LED lighting and is completely ADA accessible including a full service restaurant and 6 retail spaces.


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