The Kingstone Company


Having a difficult time finding the exact floor plan that's right for you? We understand it can be hard to find a pre designed house plan that fits your own specific needs. In addition it can also be difficult to find custom home design services that are affordable. Architect fees can be quite expensive. A custom Architect designed home can cost anywhere from 8% to 15% of the appraised value of the home. That put’s an Architects design services out of reach for most people looking to build their first home.

We believe everyone should have high quality home design services available to them. aside from the monetary investment of several hundred thousand dollars of your hard earned money, more importantly is the safety and security of your loved ones under the roof of a well designed home. In response to this concern we have put together a program that my be suitable for you. So we took our experiences working directly with many individual clients and identified the most important elements in our design process - and put it together in our special design package. Below is a brief summary of that package:


This begins with a meeting where we discuss your building program in detail. You gather all those magazine clippings you've been saving and that long list of "wants" and we put it all together. From that we discuss your list of space "needs", important adjacencies, interior and exterior aesthetic goals, views, site orientation and other site issues. Then we take what we learn from this meeting and summarize it into our Building Program document. This document serves as our guide for beginning the design of your project.


This is where we look at preliminary design solutions for your project. We look at plan and exterior image sketches which describe possible options for the layout of your new home. After meeting with you to review the options we refine them into a cohesive design. After agreeing on a preliminary design we take that design and turn it into a virtual tour of your new home. This will give a real sense of what your new home will feel like standing inside the spaces and having the ability to look around. To visit an example of these virtual tours Click Here.



We realize that in todays economic strife everyones housing budget is unique, so we take special pride in working with you to achieve a structuraly sound and well designed home. So this is why this step is the most important of our design process. We begin a study on if the agreed apon design is financialy feasable to move forward on, or if we need to amend the design to fit your custom budget. This process will include a complete material and labor cost analysis bases on your design. After arriving at a acceptable number that fits within your budget we will move forward. The Kingstone Company has worked with several different lending institutions; Mt. McKinley, Spirit of Alaska, and First National Alaska to name a few, so we are familiar with these processes. The nice thing is when we are done with this design process we are all ready to present any of these lenders with all the information they require to move forward on your project.


This is where we put all the detailed pieces together implementing all the current building codes and creating documents that explain to the contractor the elements of the house so that they can complete the bids and begin construction. In the end we provide you with plans, elevations, sections and specifications which together describe the project to your contractor. For an example of completed construction documents Click Here


For the peace of mind of a well planned and thought out home along with all the design services mentioned above we believe an investment of somewhere around $3,500-5,000 (based on a $200K house) is a reasonable investment that nearly everyone should be able to justify. If this seems right for you and your family's home feel free to CONTACT US to get started designing your next home.